关注学生的成功, our 领导团队 collaborates to ensure more innovation, more shared knowledge and a more positive school climate.

Mr. 比尔Kokkaliaris

首席执行官 & 学校的主任

Mr. Kokkaliaris is the 首席执行官 and 学校的主任 of St-Laurent Academy. He oversees the 托儿所, 小学, and 高中 Programs. Our 日托主管s, Administration, 小学 and 高中 teachers report to Mr. Kokkaliaris. Mr. Kokkaliaris also chairs our 领导团队 whom he depends on for curriculum oversight, 学生的成功, 业务操作, 营销和传播. Mr. Kokkaliaris, oversees School (Kindergarten – Grade 12) and 托儿所 招生 as required. 比尔Kokkaliaris has a highly regarded success record working with faculty, 父母, 从2005年开始. 三个孩子的父母, 也是一位坚定的教育家, 他的亲力亲为的领导能力受到赞赏, 和响应性. Mr. Kokkaliaris consistently encourages the engagement of staff and 父母 to maximize student involvement and learning. Mr. Kokkaliaris’ core values of life-long learning and his entrepreneurial spirit guide St-Laurent Academy’s vision to support enriched academic learning, 运动技能, 个性化的学习, 和创造力. 在2015年的春天,Mr. Kokkaliaris completed the Private School Principals Program, 约克大学, 教师的教育.

Ms. 安德里亚Crupi

学校总监助理 & 招生

在学校主任的指导下. Crupi supports the day to day running of school operations and programs. Ms. Crupi is responsible for introducing prospective families to bat365官方下载, and oversees the application process for new students from Kindergarten to grade 12. 所有的方向, 通信, 学生访问, and offers of admissions are communicated through Ms. Crupi. When not interacting with students, 父母, and colleagues, Ms. Crupi heads school wide 通信, fundraising initiatives, school events and marketing. Upon completion of her Bachelors Degree in Social Sciences from the University of Ottawa, Ms. Crupi graduated with honours from Trent University with a Degree in Primary/ Junior Education. She maintains her teaching certification and is actively involved with the students at St-Laurent Academy. Ms. Crupi brings extensive knowledge and experience in planning, organizing and implementing educational and fun programs for children of all ages. Ms. Crupi has been with St-Laurent Academy for 10 years.

Ms. 科琳长


作为圣罗兰团队的一员,她已经工作了5年. 朗给她带来了一个B.A. with an honours in Canadian Literature from the University of Manitoba, a B.Ed从麦吉尔, with a focus on elementary and junior education streams, as well as experience within the business community, 人力资源咨询. 她有教, mentored and led teams within both the public and private sectors, built programs/departments for students and schools regarding special needs, and has an ability to help her students find their confidence, 发挥自己的长处,真诚地热爱学习.

Mr. 蒂姆Mook唱


蒂姆Mook唱 studied at the University of Northern British Columbia (BA) and Ottawa University (BEd). He started his career in education in 2010, working for an independent school in Montreal. He joined the team at St-Laurent Academy in September, 2015. Mr. Mook Sang is currently the head of the high school program at St-Laurent Academy. 与教学, 他和父母一起工作, 教师和学生确保学生成功, and to help students create and fulfil their academic pathways.

Mr. 安德鲁·麦克尼尔


Mr. MacNeil is in charge of our Physical Education program, 教幼儿园到12年级, 我们的体育项目, 指导足球等运动, 越野跑步, 羽毛球, 篮球, 排球和田径. 他来自布雷顿角岛(Cape Breton Island). MacNeil attended Mount Allison University in New Brunswick for his undergrad degree and the University of Strathclyde in Glasgow, 为他的教育学位. 他在英国从事儿童工作, 美国, and several parts of Canada both in the classroom and the sports field. Mr. MacNeil is currently in his 16th year of teaching and 7th year at St-Laurent Academy.

夫人. 塔拉·多尔蒂


夫人. Doherty is our Head of Resource and Guidance and supports students academic, 社交和情感成长. 通过我们的学生成功计划. Doherty helps students improve their executive skills and set personal goals for success. 她负责监督学校资源项目, 提供专门的支持和补救, 使用各种各样的程序(例如. Barton Reading and Spelling program) in many areas of the curriculum. 夫人. Doherty also ensures that teachers and 父母 receive the resources and guidance needed in order to support each individual child. As part of the St-Laurent Team, for the past 7 years, 夫人. 多尔蒂给她带来了一个B.A. 约克大学心理学学士.他来自英国奇切斯特大学, with a focus on elementary and junior education streams, as well as her Autism and Behavioural Science certification from Seneca College and experience with ABA therapy and Executive Skills training.

夫人. 凯特Wigston


凯特·威斯顿于2007年开始了她的教育事业. After graduating from Nipissing University with a Bachelor of Education in the Primary/Junior Division, 并进一步专攻高级人文学科, she moved to England where she worked as a teacher and Resource Coordinator for 10 years, 在返回加拿大之前. With additional qualifications in special educational needs (University of London, Institute of Education) and guidance counselling (Queens University), and a background in the humanities and 社会 sciences, Kate teaches the senior level humanity courses while leading Student Services for 高中. 这包括指导和资源部门, where support is given to all students as they work towards their post-secondary goals. 在圣罗兰学院的第四年, Kate continues to work closely alongside the other members of the leadership team, 教学团队与家庭.

夫人. 吉赛尔Umurungi


自从加入bat365官方下载以来. Umurungi has had the privilege of working in the 托儿所, 幼儿园项目, 以及最近, 作为日托主管. She prides herself in building strong relationships with 托儿所 families and children, as well as instilling her passion for teaching to the 托儿所 Educators. 夫人. Umurungi, works hard to deliver exceptional child care programs, 在一个安全的, 培养环境,促进体质, 社会, emotional and cognitive development for each and every child in the 托儿所 centre.